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Substantial wealth requires sophisticated, highly personalized solutions. As a Private Banking and Investment Group Client, you will need to access the innovative and sophisticated solutions required to manage and simplify your family's complex personal and financial affairs.
We work closely with you and our partners to tailor customized solutions that integrate administrative and lifestyle management services with wealth and investment strategies. Our partners are well equipped to assist you with oversight of your family's entire financial picture, ensuring complete alignment of your current and long-term wealth objectives.
Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Our Partners provide our clients with highly sophisticated, tailor-made wealth management solutions. In particular, they have premium access to information and services from many prominent international banks, and collaborate with their large networks of locations across the world.

As independent wealth managers, they work with a wide range of banking institutions. The choice of the latter can be made by the client alone or in agreement with us, taking into account the specificity of each client and above all his preferences in terms of size, type of institution, service offer and international influence.

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Art as an Asset class

Art as an asset class:

The unprecedented development of the art market over the past few years has resulted in the ‘financialisation’ of the art market. Art is now seen not only as an object of pleasure, however, also as a new alternative asset class with interesting business opportunities.

Acantha Management Ltd. is proud to announce its collaboration with an international art expert with a dedicated advice on potential investments in art works.

Mr. Maurice Baruch is a leading specialist in Russian Art with elaborate market knowledge and expertise. He collaborates with leading museums of Russia for acquisitions and donations from heirs of major Russian artists and he is a consultant for major auction houses.

Maurice’s array of expertise:
  • Expertise in Russian art on request Fine Arts, Russian porcelain and Fabergé works of art
  • Expertise in Russian art on request Fine Arts, Russian porcelain and Fabergé works of art
  • Catalogue research, cataloguing and exhibition set-up
  • Sales proposals for sellers and buyers
  • Management of portfolio of client relationships, identifying key business strategies for each client
  • Private treaty deals and selling exhibition transactions
  • Sourcing and valuation of property
  • Attendance to International Art Fairs and major international auctions at Christie's and Sotheby’s offices: Paris, London and New York
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Wealth Planning

Wealth Planning

A professional family office is recognized for its ability to secure and grow the net worth of the individuals and families who entrust their assets to it.

We use all the options available to us to assist clients as they safeguard and organise their assets and investments. This may include forming trusts, family foundations, investment funds or holding companies, preparing prenuptial agreements or family charters, taking out life insurance investments or helping clients relocate to countries with more favourable tax regimes.

We begin with an asset portfolio assessment and then work closely with our clients and other group subsidiaries to determine how assets can best be held, taking into consideration changes in the client’s personal situation as well as economic, legislative and fiscal developments.

We are also ideally positioned to assist the next generation as well. The team uses its expertise in financial, legal and family matters to provide family wealth education and to support integrated wealth management strategies for all family members. The goal is to preserve and enhance the generational transfer of wealth to help ensure that your legacy will continue to have a positive impact on future generations.

Permanent Residence Scheme

Recent amendments to the Immigration and Passport Act and Income Tax Act allows for the offer of permanent residence to high net-worth individuals and their families upon the following terms:

Purchase or lease of property in Antigua Physical presence in Antigua for an annual minimum of 30 days in aggregate Holding a Permanent Residence Certificate by payment of an annual immigration levy of not less than US$20,000.00.

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International Business Corporation

Antigua’s position as a financial centre was established by the International Business Corporations Act of 1982. This piece of legislation governs the operation of various types of formal structures required to support wealth structuring solutions, including the establishment of trusts and foundations and the incorporation of international businesses and limited liability companies. It is considered the most modern and attractive piece of legislation of its kind in the Caribbean and is tailor-made to meet the needs of international businesses

The IBC advantages offered by the Antiguan Act are hereinafter set out:

  • Granted a guaranteed fifty year tax exemption, an exemption which applies to most forms of IBC income, dividends, interest and royalties paid by an IBC to foreigners.
  • Exempt from exchange controls and the unrestricted operation of bank accounts is permitted. An IBC benefits from the absence of capital gains and estate taxes in Antigua.
  • Not subject to mandatory auditing or minimum capital requirements.An IBC is not subject to Tax Treaties or Exchange of Information Agreements with any country other than the United Kingdom.
  • May issue bearer shares and its stock may be issued with or without par value.
  • May increase or reduce its authorized capital by way of an amendment to its Articles of Incorporation.
  • May have a sole shareholder.
  • May have a sole director and directors need not be natural persons.

The officers and directors of an IBC need not be shareholders. There are no citizenship or residence requirements for directors, officers or shareholders. Meetings of directors and shareholders may be held outside Antigua (Annual meeting of the directors and shareholders must be however convened in Antigua).

Ordinary shareholder resolutions are carried by single majority of votes cast whereas certain extraordinary resolutions require approval of a two-thirds majority. Shareholders may vote by proxy.

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Lifestyle Management Services

Families who choose Acantha Management Ltd. have more time to focus on the essentials, which can mean managing their businesses or simply enjoying their own lives. Our dedicated personal assistance department takes charge of all their personal administrative needs, right through to the most complex.

Free yourself from the nitty gritty of daily life, whether for you that means managing staff and homes, collecting mail, preparing tax declarations or looking after personal accounts. With our quick, proactive service, your interests are in good hands.

Ship and Pleasure Craft Registration in Antigua & Barbuda

The International Business Corporation (IBC) may be used as a vehicle through which the registration of ships and pleasure crafts under the Antiguan Flag may be accomplished. Once ownership of the vessel is vested in the IBC, the Company may apply to have the vessel registered under the Antiguan Flag.

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Charity and Philanthropy

Philanthropy not only brings family members closer together, it is also a source of new projects for future generations.

We help our clients define their aspirations and choose the most appropriate way of achieving them.

This may involve forming charitable trusts or foundations or organising events to collect funds.

Once the structure has been defined, we assist clients as they work to make their projects reality and monitors changes in relevant legislation.

For clients with large-scale international projects, the family office calls on its close network of external experts to provide insightful guidance.

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